• Q:- I feel that the time duration and the number of classes in a month offered by you is very less. Will I be able to learn Music with the online class schedule of 45 minutes class / week? Can i increase the number of classes or get extra practice classes with my music guru in India?

    Divya Music: It is not the number or the duration of the online music class which matters, it is the quality of online music training, standards of education and curriculum inclusions which matter the most. The healthy pace of music learning - vocal music and instrumental music has always been expressed in the following ratio - 20% of the time is to be devoted in taking guidance from the music teacher / Guru and 80% of the time must be devoted to self practice (Riyaaz) of whatever is learnt from the Guru. State of near perfection with music learning requires maximum practice and patience; there is no short cut, it is a steady process of learning and practice under Teacher’s guidance. The 45 minutes class / week is the proven healthy pace of learning the performing arts, rest is all maximum possible practice and devotion.

    You can get extra online music class lessons with your guru for music learning and music practice purpose. Please contact Divya Music office for the options on extra online music lessons and the music lessons cost.

  • Q:- Can i take a break from my regular online music classes If i wish to take a long break for 6 weeks during the online music learning course duration due to being busy with additional work responsibilities or my university examinations? Will i get the additional make up classes or the extra music learning classes for the missed music lessons after the break?

    Divya Music: With prior information, you can take a break for the desired duration due to any essential responsibilities and reason, you can resume your online music class lessons after the break. We suggest you to continue practising (during the break period) the music lessons already learnt, whenever you get time to do so, this will make your music learning process easier and smooth after you resume the online music lessons further from the level where you had left before the break.

  • Q:- Do i get the replacement online music learning class or a make up online music training class if the online music class is cancelled by the online music guru due to any reason?

    Divya Music: Divya Music and our online music teachers faculty is completely devoted and commited to conducting the online music education through the online music teaching classes and we have multiple faculty members available for all the genre of music so the online class cancellations generally do not happen. Due to any technical reasons or any other viable reasons if the online music class is cancelled, the students are informed in advance by their online music trainers and the online replacement music class or the make up music class is provided at the earliest by the online music instructors according to the mutually convenient time schedule available.

  • Q:- What are the steps to join the Divya Music online lessons as a beginner or intermediate level student, how many years should i continue learning and do i require any music learning textbooks for an online music learning course?

    Divya Music: You can apply to register for the online music lessons through the online enrolment form providing all of the required details and after payment for the music learning course lessons cost / fee or you can write an email to us requesting the registration guidance. You can join at any level of learning, as a beginner, at Intermediate level or at the advanced level if you comply with the pre required qualifications for direct admission to the higher level music courses. You can complete each level of music learning in a maximum of 18 months of time if you take 1 class / week option, if you can comfortably take more than 1 class / week, you can complete the prescribed online music learning curriculum / syllabus for each level earlier and faster with your self efforts, practice, consistency and interest levels. Regular evaluation of music learning process and individual progress is performed for each online music student.

    You do not essentially require the music text books, you will get an access to the subject materials as Divya Music e-books based on the prescribed music learning course syllabus / music curriculum at each level of learning music online. If you wish you can buy the music learning material as music learning books or music learning DVDs / CDs for extensive detailed knowledge and study on music genre chosen by you. You can request for the list of suggested music books / DVDs from the students assistance centre at Divya Music academy.

  • Q:- How many hours of online music classes do i need to take in a month as a beginner and What are the online class time schedules available for the international music students?

    Divya Music: For a beginner level music learning student, an online learning schedule of 30 to 50 minutes of weekly learning session with the music teacher is ideal, with major importance to regular practice of music and the continuity for the best progress. An ideal Music learning process involves 20% of learning time with the teacher and 80% of time for self music practice (Riyaaz) for the desired perfection in music performance. If a student learns with his / her music teacher for 40 minutes in a week, he / she must regularly continue the self practice of the music lesson learned (from the teacher) for 40 minutes daily for minimum 4 - 5 days to achieve the best online music learning results.

    The online music classes for international students are conducted from 6 AM to 11 PM, India time (GMT reference Time Zone +5.30). The online international music class students can choose their desired time schedule of 40 / 50 / 60 minutes duration and Divya Music will try it's best to work out a best mutually convenient time schedule. The music class timings are flexible depending on the mutual convenience of the student and the music teacher.

  • Q:- As a student can i cancel or reschedule an online music lesson if it is required due to any emergency or urgency and will i get a replacement or make up class for the missed online music class?

    Divya Music: Divya Music online classes are flexible, online music students can request to cancel or reschedule the online music class giving a notice of minimum 12 hours prior to the scheduled online class. The online music class cancellation request must be sent through an email, phone call, fax or mobile text message to Divya Music office and to the online music teacher. The online replacement music class or the make up music class is provided at the earliest according to the mutually convenient time schedule available.

  • Q:- Do you offer online free music trial classes before i register for the online music classes and can i request for the specific category of music lessons after registering myself with Divya Music online lessons.

    Divya Music: As a music school we do not offer online free music trial lessons or paid music trial lessons online for vocal or instrumental music because we are confident that we have the best online music teachers faculty for all the music genre and our international music teaching faculty is selected after the tough screening and selection process.

    After completing the essential basics music learning process and music learning evaluations you can request for an specific category of learning, for instance you have to learn basics of Hindustani vocal singing before you request for light vocal learning with online devotional bhajans singing lessons only.

  • Q:- Can i request to change my online music teacher if i do not feel comfortable learning with the music teacher assigned by you or due to a mismatched pitch with the online music teacher, method of teaching or due to any other reason?

    Divya Music: Although it rarely happens but with a valid reason for the change, you can request to change your online music teacher any time during your online music learning process, if you are not comfortable with any particular music teacher, Indian music guru or an online music trainer / music instructor.

  • Q:- What is the ideal minimum age to start learning music online and the maximum age limit for joining the Divya music courses with the online classes?

    Divya Music: The ideal minimum age to start learning vocal singing online or to learn instrumental music online is 5 years and the maximum age is not a criteria for learning music. The spirit of learning the desired skills, an individual is passionate about, is always welcome provided the health permits, irrespective of the age. The online music learning process could be taken up as a hobby or through a well defined music learning course, we have online music students of age 6 to 78 enjoying learning vocal and instrumental music online from all over the world.

  • Q:- Does online music learning help in the academic results, with the regular office work or with the professional career and performing the professional or family - domestic responsibilities in a better way?

    Divya Music: Definitely learning and practising music has been proven to enhance your memory power and learning capabilities, increases your concentration levels and work efficiency, makes you better organized, calm and relaxed irrespective of your age, gender, profession or culture. Whether you are a school / university student, office worker, field job executive, an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, an accountant, information technology professional, a housewife or a parent, the musical skills - learning to sing, learning to play a musical instruments or simply listening to your favourite music number helps you immensely and Divya Music online lessons have been devised for learning music online - effectively and conveniently for today's busy lifestyle. Divya Music online class students are from all walks of life, professions and age groups, from preschool kids of 6 years of age to retired elders of 78 years of age from all over the world.


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