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Music Class Online : Divya music offers regular training classes for learning Indian movie songs – Bollywood film songs singing and Bollywood movie Hindi songs online vocal music lessons for the convenience of the music students all over the world. Divya school of music is promoted by the top music school in India - Divya music sangeet vidyalaya, as the best music education center in India conducting vocal music hobby courses, certificate, diploma, graduation, master’s and doctorate level college / university courses in Indian vocal music.


The famous senior Indian vocal music gurus teaching Bollywood vocal singing at Divya school of music teach the art and technique of singing versatile Bollywood Hindi movies songs, a popular vocal music form to the vocal music students. The Bollywood movie songs are of a very wide variety of compositions and lyrics including Hindi movies classical vocal based songs, Light classical or semi classical based song compositions, Duet songs, group songs, solo singing songs, ghazals, folk songs, popular western songs, qawwalis, devotional – Hindi bhazans, sufi songs, patriotic theme based songs, romantic songs etc. For singing such a wide variety of Bollywood Hindi movies songs a very good basic knowledge and practice of Indian Hindustani classical vocal music and light classical music is required.

Divya music offers specialized short duration Bollywood Hindi songs singing courses which include learning the basics of Indian classical music and Light classical vocal music. These short term Bollywood songs singing courses available online and as regular courses at Divya music school centers in India are –Bollywood vocal music hobby voice lessons, Bollywood vocal music certificate course level courses.

Online music courses –Bollywood vocal singing online lessons: available with DM Live Core Divya music school online classes is the initial level Indian Bollywood Hindi songs singing training in its own unique way helping a young Bollywood vocal style learner to understand and practice the basics of Indian movies music during the short term music hobby lessons online and certificate level music classes useful for a broader global audience.

Bollywood vocal singing education and voice training with Divya Music: The highly experienced vocal musicians, qualified Hindustani vocal singing instructors, Light classical vocal music talent training experts – the kids, children and adult vocal music singing trainers, noted vocal music training experts at Divya school of music teach the lively art and technique of perfect Bollywood vocal singing including the basics and advanced learning of how to sing Indian Bollywood film songs, Indian movies singing styles during solo singing and special group singing performances.

Divya school of music offers Indian music lessons online - Hindustani classical vocal music lessons online, Light semi classical singing classes, Carnatic music lessons online and musical instruments lessons online. Flexible online music class schedules for global music students & non-resident Indians (NRI) living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & South America.

In addition to the Bollywood vocal singing music classes at Divya music school center, the regular Indian vocal music courses available at Divya singing schools in India are in following vocal music singing styles:

Semi classical – Sugam sangeet – Ghazal, Bhajan and folk songs singing classes, Carnatic vocal classes, Indian regional languages song – Lok geet sangeet gayaki singing lessons.

DM Live Core online vocal music courses - lessons: available with Divya music schools in India online classes are in following Indian vocal music styles :

Carnatic vocal classes online, Bollywood songs singing lessons online, folk songs singing classes online, Online Indian semi classical singing lessons – Sugam sangit gayaki classes online, Indian light classical music singing lessons.

DM Live Core - ONLINE MUSIC CLASSES by Divya Music School offers the top rated online music learning with the following unmatched features:

• Top Qualified, best experienced Professional music teachers from all over the world
• Live, one on one, real time interactive online music lessons for students of all levels
• Flexible time schedules of the online music class lessons for international students
• Well defined curriculum for all levels of learning, developed by the global music experts
• Advanced music E-books learning content & music practice (Riyaaz) tools for all levels
• Save on travel time and the cost of travelling to the music teacher / music school
• Safe & convenient option for kids, children, women and elderly to learn music online
• Affordable, low cost price music learning fees for the best online music class lessons
• Convenience and comfort of learning music at home as a private music class lessons
• Online music lessons for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels of learning music
• Join the appropriate level music classes after individual evaluation & the expert opinion
• Private and group online music classes for all age groups and music learning levels
• Learn with top rated Divya Music school, a global music school with international faculty
• Get music expert opinion feedback on the performance with the improvement tips
• Multilingual online music class options to learn Indian vocal & Indian Musical Instruments
• Online music lessons in English / Regional Languages for Non Resident Indians - NRIs
• Better consistency & concentration, least missed classes due to flexible online classes

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Divya Music offers Vocal Music & Musical Instruments learning Hobby classes, Certificate, Diploma, Graduation – Bachelor, Post graduate – Masters degree & Doctorate level courses in:
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Classical Vocal Music – Shastriya Sangeet Courses - Online classes: Hindustani Classical vocal online | Bhartiya Shastriya Sangit Gayaki | Carnatic vocal music online lessons | Western Classical

Semi-classical Vocal Music – Sugam Sangeet Courses - Regular classes: Light classical vocal - Sugam Sangit Gayaki | Ghazals | Bhajans | Spiritual Chants | Rabindra Sangeet | Lok Geet– Folk singing
Semi-classical Vocal Music – Sugam Sangit Courses - Online classes: Light classical vocal lessons online | Ghazals | Bhajans | Spiritual | Rabindra Sangeet | Lok Geet – Folk lessons online | Gurbani

Instrumental music learning – Vadya Sangit – Regular classes: Learn to play Sitar | Tabla | Dholak | Veena | Guitar | Violin | Sarod | Flute lessons | Keyboard | Sarangi | Santoor | Piano | Conga | Drum
Instrumental music learning – Vadya Sangeet – Online classes: Sitar | Tabla | Dholak | Veena | Guitar lessons online | Violin | Sarod | Flute lessons | Keyboard | Sarangi | Santoor | Piano lessons online

Popular Music - Lokpriya Geet - Sangeet - Regular classes and Online lessons: Learn to sing Bollywood movies songs Hindi Filmi gaane | Indian folk songs - lok geet gana